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FDIC-insured deposits and SIPC-insured accounts.

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You deserve more from your money

We created Save® so you can invest, save, and spend smarter. Powered by a new approach to savings and investment technology, Save makes better returns possible while your deposits are FDIC insured.

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Now there is a smarter way to grow your money. Save is built by experts in wealth management and banking technology working together to get you more.


Higher Return, Lower Risk

Save provides market returns with the security of traditional bank products.



Investing with Save isn’t just simple; it is automatic. Every time you use your Save Wealth Card or deposit funds into your Market Savings, Save is investing in the market on your behalf. Bank as usual and watch your account grow.

Market Savings

Most savings accounts return less than 2% Source: National Rates and Rate Caps per year. If you want to grow your wealth, you can always invest in the market. But that puts your hard-earned savings at risk.

So how can you get more from your savings without risking them in the market?

By replacing typical savings account interest with investments, Market Savings combines the security of FDIC-insured bank deposits with the upside potential of market returns. So your savings get a chance to truly grow — without risking your deposit.

1-year term
8.96 %
2-year term
7.69 %
5-year term
9.06 %

Wealth Card

The first high-yield credit card that replaces rewards with investments, no matter how you spend.

  • Average return of 5.60% Average annual returns are based on hypothetical back-tested performance in the Save Moderate Portfolio from 2006 to present and are shown net of fees. Hypothetical back-tested performance is no guarantee of future performance and actual results will vary. Returns are subject to change daily. Minimum return will always be at least 0%. The return figures shown are for informational purposes only and are not actual customer returns. For more detailed information please see Hypothetical Back-testing."
  • No variable categories, no exclusions, no cap on
  • Choose a portfolio that matches your goals
  • Access to premium Visa benefits
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Meet our team

We believe a financial advisor’s role should go beyond simply recommending investments; we take responsibility for the outcomes of those investments. We created Save as an answer to traditional bank products and investment services that were not giving enough back to you, the customer. We believe you deserve service that allows you to keep your money safe but receive the rewards of market investments.


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